“Greening” our tropical home

Vietnamese house_Indoor plants_Indiechine_Interior_design-3

We’ve been pretty busy for the past week “renovating” our house!

My feeling is that people here in Hoi An are very big on plants and bonsai. No matter how shabby a house might look, in its front yard there’re always frangipani, or some exotic, colorful tropical blossoms, or different kinds of palm trees and cactus. I spot people’s lovely plants and flowers every single day. I admire their beauty, and I get jealous! After one year of jealousy, I decided to add more green to our house and have been loving it so far!
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Moving to Vietnam

Moving to Vietnam with my wife is an experience I have been preparing for, for more than a year. I thought about it briefly when we were dating, early on, and decided that if we ever got that far that it would be an amazing way to expand my experience of this world. Then we visited Vietnam a year ago and I fell in love with the food and the scenery and the feel of this place, at once both foreign and also very welcoming. Since we both wanted to be able to spend time working on her blog and to live in a place that allowed access to amazing ingredients, moving to Vietnam made a lot of sense for us.
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