Portrait| Katya in Hội An

I came across Katya’s cute and lively drawings on Instagram and fell in love with them instantly. I didn’t hesitate a second to ask her if she would be interested in trading a drawing for a photoshoot. The results are the lotus drawing you see in the blog header above and the photos below.

We took these on the streets of the Ancient Town of Hoi An one morning. Katya sketched out some ideas of how she wanted to be pictured, which made it easier for me as well. I like how the photos show different aspects of her that I feel in person: fun, calm, and mysterious. Thank you, Katya, for being such a beautiful model!

Katya by Indiechine_HoiAn_Vietnam-5
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Beautiful Hội An | Early morning coffee

This morning I got up really early and took a walk in the old town of Hoi An. My new friend, Trang, a Hoi An local, took me to a street coffee place that was crowded at 6:30 am. 6:30! Yes, you heard it right!

Below are some snapshots I took during my leisure walk!

Avocado and strings of steam rice cakes wrapped in banana leaves. The latter became my breakfast soon after that.
Trang showed me how to get to some nice local tailor shops and a beautiful hidden beach this morning. Can’t wait to check them out. It’s never too late to have the real local hook-up.

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Europe trip – Paris

We’re having a two-week vacation in Europe. Our first stop is Paris and this is our fourth day here. I didn’t bring my computer so I’ll just quickly jot down some updates.

– The weather is really cold, or maybe it just feels cold because we walk outside for ten hours straight (25 km) everyday. The plus side is that we get to enjoy a quiet Paris and that there’s no line to our favorite bakery.

– On the second day here Craig said he craved a bowl of pho. It flattered me that my American husband dreamt of Vietnamese food when visiting Paris.

– Most shops and restaurants are closed today (it’s Sunday). I expected that but was still upset to find out that even bathrooms in malls are closed. We were taking a miserable walk home after a failed attempt for breakfast when we ran into a farmer’s market with an authentic Vietnamese food stand. We had some of the best crispy fried spring rolls we’d ever had, and Craig got to show off his Vietnamese to the Vietnamese-French sellers.

– Last night I met up with my high school roommate (I went to boarding school) whom I hadn’t met for twelve years. Twelve years ago, we were eating half-hedged eggs in a small room in a small Northern town of Vietnam. Last night we were eating Josselin crepes in Paris. Life is good!

I didn’t bring my camera since I wanted to have a real vacation, meaning not having to focus on or making a fuzz about taking good, high resolution pictures. Below are some random iPhone snaps if you’re interested.

I think I have a thing for statues. I can stare at them all day.

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A Pacific North West Home

Jean and George were college sweethearts and now 50 years later, they live happily in a lovely house with their cute little dog on Fox Island. I admire not only their love for each other but also their taste in decoration. Here’s a peek.

P.S. They also have a wonderful son who’s my husband :p.

Interior Design Seattle House Indiechine Blog
A living room full of sunshine and breezes from the ocean

Seattle House Interior Design Indiechine Blog
Flower from the garden, a vintage book & a handmade pottery gift from a friend

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