Northern Vietnamese Rib Noodle Soup Bowl

*There's a video tutorial at the end of this post. rib-noodle-soup-bowl_vietnamese-cuisine_vietnamese-food-blog_indiechine_bunbung-3 I was silent last week on the blog because we went to Bangkok for a mini vacation. We had a lot of fun there just strolling around the city, shopping for cute, inexpensive hand-made T shirts, and eating mango sticky rice, a popular Thai dessert, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and after dinner snack. Read more

Braised Baby Ribs & a Summer Meal

Braised baby ribs_Sườn kho_Indiechine_Vietnamese food recipe-2 Before starting this blog, I had never used cooking measurements. I measured with my eyes and intuition, or as my friend put it, "all ingredients are to taste". The "everything to taste" rule worked well for me, except for when I had parties or guests over. Cooking for extra people without a recipe rarely came out as well. My guests might not have noticed (thankfully), but I just knew that the food didn't taste the same as when I cooked just for my family. Read more

Vietnamese Salad Rolls

Vietnamese food_Fresh rolls_Goi cuon_Indiechine_Vietnamese food blog-3 Two weeks ago, I had the honor to do the photography and web design for my favorite restaurant and cooking class in town. It was two weeks of shooting, tasting good food and wine (which was the best part), editing, and panicking at times. Now it's all done and I'm quite happy and proud with what I was able to finish within two weeks' time. I presented the two websites to my client today and he loved them and I got paid! Now I'm beyond ecstatic because it was my first professional commissioned photography work. By the way, here's the link to the restaurant and the cooking class if you'd like to take a look at my work. Note: If you spot a handsome model in some photos and you think he looks familiar, you're right. That's Craig! (wink wink) Read more

Vietnamese Chicken Wings

*There's a video tutorial at the end of this post. Vietnamese chicken wings_Indiechine_canh ga chien nuoc mam A few weeks ago my husband got a job offer in Germany but it got delayed at the last minute when we were just about to ship everything overseas. At first I got a little bit upset because we had spent so much time and effort preparing for the move, but right now I'm so grateful we got to stay in Hoi An longer. The town is at its best right now with wonderful spring weather, rice paddies spouting green and gorgeous flower fields blooming for our big traditional New Year celebration, Tet. Read more

Vietnamese Sautéed Beef Vermicelli Salad

*There's a video tutorial at the end of this post. BunBoNamBo_LinhNguyen_IndiechineBlog_HoiAn_Vietnam_VietnamesecuisineSummer_2015 Mid-August marks the beginning of monsoon season in this lovely coastal city. I often spot lightning in late afternoons. Giant gray clouds fill up a third of the sky. They must be thunderstorms miles and miles away, but they look so close, as if you could climb a ladder and pull them down if you tried hard enough. Read more

Vietnamese Shrimp & Mango Salad

*There's a video tutorial at the end of this post. ShrimpMangoSalad_LinhNguyen_Indiechineblog_Spring_2015-2 When I was a little girl, my favorite tree in my grandparents' garden was a mango tree in front of their kitchen.  Their kitchen, which looked like a hut, was separate from the house. I remember doing the dishes in the open washing area, looking up at the tree full of green mangoes, wondering when they would be ripe so I could eat them every day, many times a day. I am surprised my skin didn't turn orange with all of the delicious mangoes that I managed to eat in season. ShrimpMangoSalad_LinhNguyen_Indiechineblog_Spring_2015 Read more