“Pomegranate Seeds” Dessert & Happy New Year


2016 was a remarkable year for me in so many ways. When I decided to quit my academia job in mid-2015 after almost ten years working in that field to pursue photography, I was so unsure if it was the right decision. It was quite intimidating to leave a stable job for something I had just taken up and felt so strongly about but didn’t see a clear future. However, I still decided to give myself an ultimatum of two years to try photography and if it didn’t work out, it’d be just two years in a lifetime anyway. Luckily, 2016 cleared all of my self doubt. During this first year working full-time as a freelance photographer, I got published in major Vietnamese magazines, worked with my favorite restaurants and signed a book deal. I’m so grateful to have been doing which I didn’t even consider dreaming about just a few years ago. I owe the opportunities I received in 2016 to this blog and to readers like you. Thank you for checking out this blog, for your support and care, and for your positive comments which kept me going.

Needless to say there were many challenges in the year 2016 but I decided to forget about them and focus on the small victories and achievements which make me happy. I can’t wait for 2017 and what it has to offer! And I wish you, my readers from all over the world, a happy New Year! May it bring you many calm days and many more joyful moments!



I wanted to present something cheerful and fresh for today, and this dessert meets both requirements. This chè, (Vietnamese bean-based dessert) is called pomegranate seeds in Vietnamese because of its resemblances to the ruby-colored seeds. Water chestnuts are diced and colored in red. I dyed mine naturally from beet juice. Then the dices are lightly coated in tapioca powder and quickly blanched in boiling water. We often eat these “seeds” with mashed yellow beans and coconut milk. Sometimes I substitute regular milk which also makes this chè very delicious. This dessert has so many layers of textures and flavors of crunchy, sweet water chestnut, grainy and nutty beans, and creamy coconut milk. I hope to make a tutorial video soon. Today I just wanted to share the photos which I found cheerful looking and thus perfect for a New Year post.


By the way, I finished the manuscripts of my book and so I’ll be posting regularly again. Thank you so much for your patience!

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2 thoughts on ““Pomegranate Seeds” Dessert & Happy New Year

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    Linh, congratulations on your successful landing on that big old lilypad. A transition to work you love, a book deal, and a successful blog. You’re in tall clover. I’m so happy for you.

    Stories like yours inspire me to take that next leap. My gf and I are coming to Hoi An for the first time on 15 January. We’re checking it out as a possible place to spend the next few innings. From everything I see and read (much of it here on your wonderful blog), I suspect it will steal our hearts.

    I love your photography and recipes. I’m an old Wisconsin farm boy who’s not had a garden in too many years; I’m guessing my next one could be around Hoi An.

    Continued success, and here’s to serendipity’s bounty.


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