Just another day in Hội An

Last week my best friend from college was in town for a vacation. We hadn’t seen each other for more than two years, so it was so much fun to hang out with her in Hoi An. Actually the first time I visited Hoi An was with her back in summer 2008. We had just graduated from college and took a South-bound trip across Vietnam together. Hoi An has changed so much since then, and so have we. That summer night in 2008 we went out and ate Hoi An chicken rice and drank their bitter rice-based alcohol. Afterwards we walked back to our hotel at 10 pm, and along the way we got a bit scared and lost among the many dark, quiet, narrow back alleys of the old town. But of course nothing happened other than in our imaginations.

And we helped take a million pictures for each other. It seems like nowadays we don’t like being in front of the camera anymore. We’re a lot more interested in photographing other people and scenes. So this time we just walked the old streets that are so much more bustling than they were eight years ago, talked and took pictures along the way, stopped for a coffee here and there, and then walked some more. It was so relaxing to just do simple things with her. After all, it doesn’t matter where you are and what you do; it’s really the company that matters.

Here are some photos I snapped during the walk with my friend that day. I hope you like them.

Hoi An ancient town wedding
Hoi An is a popular destination for pre-wedding photo shoots. It’s not unusual to see brides and grooms here in the early morning, late afternoon, and even in the evening. It always makes me happy to see them looking so young and in love.


hoi an ancient town
A yard in a clothing store. I love the bird cage lanterns and the tiles there.
Hoi An ancient town
In front of a pottery shop. My grandmother used to have a lot of those blue pieces.
hoi an ancient town
Copper gong paradise
Hoi An ancient town
A peaceful river that runs along the old town
hoi an ancient town
A roof. Did you notice that all ceramic pieces are plates and bowls (whole and broken)?
Hoi An ancient town
A kite shop
An orchid’s paradise and a Vietnam-standard nest of power wires
My friend in a back alley
She was looking at some wooden bird game where people throw a wooden bird high up and it actually flew for a short while, making funny noises.

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    A beautiful and evocative blog post, Linh. Love reading your thoughtful words and seeing your photos. What a lovely time you must have had with your friend. Nx

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