Craig’s banana bread (photos)

Banana bread_Vietnamese food recipe_Indiechine-13

Living in Vietnam has shown me different impressive sides of my husband. Last month, he mixed an environment-friendly ant and roach killer from syrup and borax, and last week, he baked amazing banana bread. (I’m grateful he can do both because now that we have delicious sweet banana bread on our dining table all the time, the big ants really have to drink their special syrup.)

These are photos of his baking session this afternoon. I wouldn’t write much because I want to get busy eating. P.S. He followed a recipe by Shelly Albeluhn on All Recipes and it came out perfect: moist, tender and not overly sweet. Brown sugar gives it a caramel taste, which is great because I love everything caramel. And we found that chopping the bananas gives it a slightly less sweet taste than blending the bananas does. I hope you’ll enjoy the photos while I’m enjoying the bread!

Banana bread_Vietnamese food recipe_Indiechine


Banana bread_Vietnamese food recipe_Indiechine-8

Banana bread_Vietnamese food recipe_Indiechine-11

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4 thoughts on “Craig’s banana bread (photos)

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    Hello Linh, first time visiting your blog, and enjoying a lot your beautiful photos.

    I know about ‘husband in the kitchen cooking’, that’s good, isn’t it? My husband started cooking a few years, and I think that’s so great.

    The banana bread looks so yummy. Congrats to your husband!

    1. avatar

      Hi Regina! Thank you for checking out my blog and writing me those kind words! I just took a quick look at your site and instantly fell in love with the beautiful lighting and roses in the very first photo. Can’t wait to explore more!

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