“Greening” our tropical home

Vietnamese house_Indoor plants_Indiechine_Interior_design-3

We’ve been pretty busy for the past week “renovating” our house!

My feeling is that people here in Hoi An are very big on plants and bonsai. No matter how shabby a house might look, in its front yard there’re always frangipani, or some exotic, colorful tropical blossoms, or different kinds of palm trees and cactus. I spot people’s lovely plants and flowers every single day. I admire their beauty, and I get jealous! After one year of jealousy, I decided to add more green to our house and have been loving it so far!

I realize that adding indoor plants can transform our whole living space and it can be addictive. I don’t fancy clothes or shoes or bags anymore. Every time I see a nice piece of clothing, my brain automatically does the math to see how many plants I can buy with that money. My husband must be very happy to hear that!

Plants and pots are very reasonable here in Hoi An, so we’ve been going to a plant nursery almost every day for a week now, and we’re quite happy with what we’ve gotten.

Here are two more pictures of our home in case you’d like to take a look!

Vietnamese house_Indoor plants_Indiechine_Interior_design-4

Vietnamese house_Indoor plants_Indiechine_Interior_design

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