Portrait | Quỳnh – Anh




I’ve always loved taking portrait photos of people. It mesmerizes me how somebody can look so different from different angles. Rarely have I posted portrait photos on this blog though, but after a conversation with a new friend yesterday I decided to post portrait photos that I like here. I figured that as long as it’s something that I like, somebody somewhere might like it too.





The person in these photos is Quynh Anh, a friend of mine in Hoi An. I met her in a calligraphy workshop last year, and after she showed me pictures of her ceramics collection, I knew right away that we could be friends. And it was true.

We took these pictures on a February morning by a river running through the old town of Hoi An. I think Quynh Anh looks beautiful and compelling and very cute when riding her Honda Julio 50cc scooter. I hope you enjoy this series too!

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