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Laura in her Hội An Chula House, wearing her husband’s design. Her hair pin is a dried plant she picked up on the street while taking a walk.
Beautiful Vietnamese house_Chula House_Vietnam_Indiechine-2
The house has Hội An’s signature yellow walls and roof tiles.

Laura and Diego are a Spanish couple living in Hanoi, Vietnam. Their fashion brand, Chula, makes lively, sophisticated couture designs with tropical inspiration. Last September I took a calligraphy workshop in their riverside house in Hội An and I knew I had to photograph it someday. The ground floor is dedicated to an Artists in Residence Program where artists can host workshops and art programs. The pictures below are of their second floor, which is the living area. Despite it being quite small, about 60 square meters (around 650 square feet), this space is very thoughtfully designed and charming because of its bright colors and unique furniture.

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Beautiful Vietnamese house_Chula_Hoi An_Vietnam_Indiechine-23
The stair wall is decorated with the couple’s sketches.
Beautiful Vietnamese house_Chula_Hoi An_Vietnam_Indiechine-26
The house is always full of river breezes, which makes an air-conditioner unnecessary.
Beautiful Vietnamese house_Chula_Hoi An_Vietnam_Indiechine-27
The loft is a small, lovely bedroom.
Beautiful Vietnamese house_Chula_Hoi An_Vietnam_Indiechine-7
A small but efficient kitchen. On the wall is a vintage Vietnamese poster.
Beautiful Vietnamese house_Chula_Hoi An_Vietnam_Indiechine-11
Vintage chairs and blue table cloth from Sapa. The  bamboo basket stool is another design by Diego. I thought it was just for decoration but it turned out to be very comfortable, and sturdy, too. My 180 pound husband tested it.
Beautiful Vietnamese house_Chula_Hoi An_Vietnam_Indiechine-9
Round bamboo fishing boats are very popular in Vietnam. I mean in the ocean, not in people’s houses. The couple bought one, made the base and turned it into a bed for their children. I think that’s a brilliant idea.
Beautiful Vietnamese house_Chula_Hoi An_Vietnam_Indiechine-21
Hand-made hangers
Beautiful Vietnamese house_Chula_Hoi An_Vietnam_Indiechine-32
The steel stools are Diego’s design. Pictures on the wall are paintings and photos by their international artist friends.
Beautiful Vietnamese house_Chula_Hoi An_Vietnam_Indiechine-28
For those of you who don’t live in a tropical country, the white thing on top of the bed is a mosquito net, and for those who haven’t seen a mosquito net before, this is an exceptionally beautiful one!

I hope you’ve enjoyed a sneak peak into a unique Vietnamese house. Thank you Laura and Diego for the beauty and inspiration that you bring to Vietnam!

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