How to make Vietnamese coffee

*There's a video tutorial at the end of this post. Vietnamese coffee_cafe phin_Indiechine Vietnamese coffee_Ca phe phin_Indiechine-2 In Vietnam we take coffee, or cà phê (ka-fe) as we call it, seriously. If you want to ask somebody to hang out or meet up, you say "Would you like to cà phê tonight?" We, however, don't usually make coffee at home. It's because there are so many coffee shops at every corner of every street, from fancy ones with waterfalls and large gardens to tiny little spaces with small wooden stools on the sidewalk. Read more

Vietnamese Chicken Wings

*There's a video tutorial at the end of this post. Vietnamese chicken wings_Indiechine_canh ga chien nuoc mam A few weeks ago my husband got a job offer in Germany but it got delayed at the last minute when we were just about to ship everything overseas. At first I got a little bit upset because we had spent so much time and effort preparing for the move, but right now I'm so grateful we got to stay in Hoi An longer. The town is at its best right now with wonderful spring weather, rice paddies spouting green and gorgeous flower fields blooming for our big traditional New Year celebration, Tet. Read more

Vietnamese Tamarind Prawn

*There's a video tutorial at the end of this post.
Vietnamese food_Tamarind_Prawn_Family meal_Indiechine
A typical three-course Vietnamese meal with tamarind prawns, sautéed winged beans, and clam soup in tomato and pineapple broth
Vietnamese food_Tamarind_Prawn_Indiechine-2 Happy New Year!!! I know it's late, but this is my very first recipe of 2016, and the Vietnamese Lunar New Year is coming in three weeks, so I'm still high up in the New Year mood! Read more