Chicken Wings in Tangy Ginger Glaze

*There's a video tutorial at the end of this post. Every day is a good day for wings, apples and a cold glass of beer! chickenwingswithdịon_LinhNguyen_Indiechineblog_Spring_2015 Finally it's springtime here in New York, and by springtime I mean when I can go out without the parka that I've been wearing for the past six months or so. Read more

Vietnamese Shrimp & Mango Salad

*There's a video tutorial at the end of this post. ShrimpMangoSalad_LinhNguyen_Indiechineblog_Spring_2015-2 When I was a little girl, my favorite tree in my grandparents' garden was a mango tree in front of their kitchen.  Their kitchen, which looked like a hut, was separate from the house. I remember doing the dishes in the open washing area, looking up at the tree full of green mangoes, wondering when they would be ripe so I could eat them every day, many times a day. I am surprised my skin didn't turn orange with all of the delicious mangoes that I managed to eat in season. ShrimpMangoSalad_LinhNguyen_Indiechineblog_Spring_2015 Read more

Crispy Pan-seared Duck Breast with Honey, Dijon Mustard & Ginger Sauce

*There's a video tutorial at the end of this post. Watermark_Pansearedduckbreast_LinhNguyen_Indiechineblog_Spring_2015-3I've always loved farmer's markets. I find myself staring at fresh produce at farmer's markets more often than at the trendy outfits behind clothing store windows. There's a small farmer's market I adore just a few blocks from my apartment. The sellers there always look so happy and proud, as if they were standing in some kind of food art gallery and presenting their work of art. Watermark_Pansearedduckbreast_LinhNguyen_Indiechineblog_Spring_2015-7 Read more

Crème Caramel, April, and Nostalgia

*There's a video tutorial at the end of this post. Flan_LinhNguyen_Indiechineblog_Summer_2015-5 It started with my Vietnamese friends sending me some photos of Hanoi in April, the month of white lilies, the romantic month, as many Vietnamese people call it. (Though April in Vietnamese is Month Number 4, which my husband often makes fun of, saying it sounds like a sci-fi secret code.) Flan_LinhNguyen_Indiechineblog_Summer_2015-4 Anyway, I had a slight feeling of nostalgia when I looked at photos of street vendors on colorful bikes, carrying huge bamboo baskets of gorgeous spring flowers. I missed sitting in a small outdoor cafe, on a sunny little Hanoi street which would smell like lilies and roses in warm breezes. I would order a cup of black coffee, followed by creme caramel. Read more